At Suntide, we believe it’s time to get back to what’s true. To the simple pleasures of life like eating a delicious meal slowly with people we care about. We value spending time savoring the beauty of nature, unplugging from electronics, and celebrating the here and now. That’s why we make a simple drink: a Mimosa with natural ingredients and not a lot of pretense. A perfect reminder to focus on what really matters, and a means to celebrate the beauty of the present moment.



Mimosas hold a special place in our hearts as the ultimate drink—tastier than seltzers, lighter than beers. They offer a bright, sip-worthy addition to any social gathering. However, mimosas often result in wasted champagne and unused orange juice. Enter Suntide mimosa, designed to eliminate ingredient waste and provide enjoyment wherever your wanderlust takes you.

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Suntide Mimosas liberate mimosas from brunch, inviting enjoyment throughout the day. Share them by a campfire, after an ocean dip, during sunset, or ignite a backyard BBQ. These moments, enriched by Suntide's vibrant flavors, craft unforgettable memories. Embrace the freedom to relish these delightful concoctions whenever and wherever you desire, from dawn to dusk.

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